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A technique where hair colour is painted onto the hair to create a graduated, more natural-looking highlight effect.



By trimming unhealthy split ends, hair will have less breakage and flyaways, making it look thicker and even shinier


Weave Extensions

FREE Consult Available! 

Silk weft weave hair extensions available!


Global Colour

Global hair color is popularly used to cover up greys, switch up your hair colour and bring uniformity to hair that was previously coloured in different hues


Global Colour                            from $160

Root fade & Toner                     from $175

On Scalp Bleach & Toner           from $205

1/2 Head Foils & Toner              from $205

1/2 Head Foils & Root Fade        from $225


Full Head Foils & Toner              from $245


Full Head Foils & Root Fade        from $275

Free Hand Balayage & Toner      from $245


(All colour packages include a Trim & Blowdry)

Trim                                         $25

Trim & Blowdry                          $65 

Restyle & Blowdry                      $90

Wash, Blowdry & Wave               $50


Hair ups                                   from $80

Weave Pull ups & Installs           from $60

All extension packages are done via consult.

Hand Painted Balayage


Balayage is a French colouring technique that was developed in the 1970s. It's a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques.

Here at Shear Trends, we use this technique for those clients who want a sunkissed look. Can you remember being a child, when being out in the sun would give you sunkissed ends and around your front hairline - that’s the kind of result we use this technique for!!!

This allows you guys to keep your natural roots which blend into the perfect sunkissed ends. This colouring technique is a perfect ‘low maintenance’ colour! Instead of returning every 6 weeks, it can push appointments out to 12 weeks which normally consists of a toner, trim and blowdry!!

Free hand, is this something that grabs your attention? Let us know....

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